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What about work in a Studio that's not just a Studio?

Are you in for it?

If you were to name one thing from your professional life that has changed your perception of the things that really matter to you or even the way you perceive life in general, is there such a thing?

If so, what would it be?


For us, that thing is fairly easy, although we never make things easy on ourself. Especially, when it comes to making choices. After starting our business in 2020,  we were really into doing something meaningful, something of great value for the industry, you know?! 

Working at META probably won't be your first job experience and might as well not be your last - but one thing is for sure: 

We don't make things easy on ourselves here. We’re absolutely into working hard every single day, to provide our customers with the best Tattoos & Piercings possible in order to improve their wishes - especially in times like these. We truly believe in individuality before standardization. Seeing people push for the same cause, putting all their energy in for the same exact thing day by day, is what changes our perception of so many things in life really. And in case you would like to get the chance to contribute to this idea, do not hesitate to contact us. We're looking forward to telling you a whole lot more about us and our mission.

Why we are in for it

Creating a solution, that combines the ease of use on the business side with an aesthetic, durable system is only one small aspect of the idea and vision of META.

Moreover, we’ve been long aware of the importance of digitalisation as it’s become one of the biggest challenges for our small businesses lately - especially along Covid-19. 

While deeply monitoring the market to see what’s about to be essential next, always trying to be one step ahead, we’re in constant exchange with our customers, tattoo artist and partners to learn from their experience and never stop improving.

I decided upon working for META because I wanted to leave a footprint in my  job while working for a company that I am really convinced of.

It is a lot of fun to work at a high professional level every day with many talented and motivated people to recreate the business that delights our customers. Combining my professional experience with the opportunity to learn something new every day is what motivates me. "

German Tambaly

Tattoo Artist & Shop Owner


I’m sure most of you can relate when reading that I always wanted to do something with people. In fact, I never really knew what that was actually supposed to mean until I started working at META. It’s the people here - the team just as much as every individual. Knowing that I can rely on them and we’re all in it for the same cause leaves no room for misunderstandings.

And it’s the people out there - Every customer feeling valued, appreciated and supported by us doing our jobs is making me realize that this is exactly what I wanted to do.

Nastasja Mengel

Tattoo Artist


Jess Müller

Head of Store Management

Dixon Valentine

Head of Artist Relations

Tommy Pretkowski

Head of Recruiting


We are META


The people working for META

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